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With over 7 years of experience and equipped with the latest IVF technology, we possess the most advanced technology lab in Punjab region, which help us achieve high success rate every year.
At SJS IVF, our aim is to make our patients feel comfortable and reassured. We strive for providing best quality treatments at our facility. We continually review and improve our processes, and adopt new cutting-edge technologies in reproductive medicine.

Basic Work-up of Infertile Couple
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Invasive Surgery IVF Punjab
Ultrasound SJS IVF Jalandhar
Recurrent Pregnancy loss Clinic Jalandhar
Male infertility - Semen Processing & IUI
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ICSI Fertilisation Technique
Treatment of male infertility
Ccryopreservation Technique IVF Jalandhar
Oocyte Donor Program IVF Punjab
Blastocyst Culture and Transfer IVF Technique
Surrogacy Jalandhar
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